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WIA is devoted to the professional development of women physician anesthesiologists.

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2 weeks ago

Women in Anesthesiology

When was the last time you pushed the pause button and dedicated some time exclusively to the design of your life, the pursuit of your passions, the degree of your own happiness? You can have a career you love and a life you love and give the best of yourself as the physician you are. It's not fiction. But it won't happen without deliberate reflection and strategic action on your part. What to do and how to do it? That's where we come in. The TransforMD Mastery Retreat for women physicians is calling your name. And if you don't think you can spare the time to focus only on yourself for 4 days because you have too many obligations ...well, you are exactly the person who really needs this event. Podium-free, small group, intensive sessions that lead to personalized action plans. Not a pep talk. A path forward.

See you there!

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Women in Anesthesiology Meeting in San Francisco! - ...

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Please mark your calendars and plan for attendance at the WIA 2018 meeting. Speaker: Dr. Valerie Armstead, M.D., F.A.A.P., D.A.B.A. Director of Anesthesiology Research at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

We have some important announcements regarding the direction of WIA and want your input and assistance! We have had many successes in the last three years and it is time to plan for our next stage of development. We will continue fundraising and finding ways to offer resources, training, and support to women anesthesiologists who are seeking professional development.

After 4 years as founding President, I will be stepping down. We are looking for volunteers to serve in the following capacities for two year cycles:

1)President-Spokesperson and annual meeting oversight.
2)VP: Works with president (and may serve as natural President-Elect)
3)Website *content* manager and person who interacts with IT (provides relevant information and documents to IT to be uploaded, solicits blogs and helps keep website content up to date. Actual site tech management is outsourced.
4)Social Media and Newsletter Manager
5)Treasurer and accounting manager (currently very simple, as no employees and non-profit with budget under 50k, so very little reporting to do).

If you are interested in volunteering in one of these (or any) capacity, please contact us at

Please widely share the attached flyer for the meeting, register at!

As always, if you haven't donated or donated recently, please donate when you register so we can continue to pay for the meeting, website, and grow our offerings. Every role is volunteer, all money goes straight to funding programming and resources (current and future).

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